Drive Less, Spend Less with First Pass.

First Pass Infield Solutions is a precision field-optimization product that has been developed with growers at the center. Using information about your operation combined with data already stored within your equipment, our proprietary algorithms provide an optimized guidance package, allowing the operator to make fewer passes, and reduce input costs while increasing the productivity of your machines.

Existing precision farming products either provide estimated or approximate starting points to an operator or use an arbitrary starting point selected by an operator. First Pass Infield Solutions uses current field and machinery data to create pre-set, optimized guidance lines that ensure the most efficient travel path for all machines in a field.

By eliminating redundant and unnecessary passes caused by operator error First Pass Infield Solutions uses technology to increase productivity and profits.

When you choose our system, you also:

Increase Profitability

A 20% margin improvement through cost savings and increased efficiency to the producer.

Reduce Soil Compaction

Optimized field routes allow for 5-7% less driving per field.

Integrate Seamlessly & Quickly

First Pass can be running on existing guidance equipment in mere minutes with zero additional hardware.

Field Efficiency

Increase your field efficiency by making it easier to manage your equipment and labour.

The First Pass Difference:

*Based on 2018 crop production cost analysis produced by Ministry of Agriculture, Saskatchewan for dark brown soil zones
The First Pass Difference is reflective of actual realized performance results from usage on an aggregate of approximately 3 million acres in Western Canada.

*Based on U.S. cost of production analysis and data from USDA and various universities
The First Pass Difference is reflective of actual realized performance results from usage on an aggregate of approximately 3 million acres in Western Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

First, we create a very accurate field boundary for each of your fields. We prefer to do this using historical coverage data collected by your machines as that tends to be the most accurate picture. We can also work with you to create field boundaries as you’d like. The important thing to remember is that the more accurate the boundaries, the more accurate we can get your optimized guidance package resulting in greater savings.

Using the most accurate boundaries possible, we will work with you for any conditions around how you would like to operating within the selected field. We can optimize for such things as shortest North-South, shortest East-West, least number of turns, etc. Once we know how you want to farm your fields, using our proprietary algorithms, we generate the optimized guidance package and send them to you. We leave it to you to load them directly into your machines so you can ensure the right packages are in the right machines. Afterall, it isn’t very optimal to have a sprayer running the guidance package meant for a combine.

What does First Pass do that I don’t already get with line sharing and machine field sharing functions?

First Pass provides an optimized guidance package and works even better when an operator has line sharing and machine field sharing. Those functions are great for making sure multiple machines are using the same lines and can see what has been completed within a field they’re working in together, but they don’t optimize the underlying paths. Without optimizing the underlying routes being shared, operators are only sharing and repeating their mistakes. Those mistakes are also compounded when there are multiple machines in the field together. First Pass provides the best routes for all your machines to travel so when your operators are sharing lines and coverage, you know they’re using those tools to operate on the most efficient routes.

Can you just use my boundaries I’ve already created?

The accuracy and precision of the boundaries is very important in ensuring a grower gets the full benefit of optimized guidance lines. Many growers have boundaries created for many purposes in the management of their operation but those boundaries are not always accurate enough. As a result, we prefer to create our own boundaries utilizing your historical operating data to ensure you receive the maximum benefit.

What other information do you need?

In order to run our algorithm we need to know your equipment type, dimensions of the equipment you will run as well as the field boundaries described above. We also want to know if there are any specific ways you wish to farm a particular field, such as north-south; east-west or If there is a particular angle you would like to farm the crop. For instance, if your crop has become lodged, you may wish to approach it from a specific angle.

What are the benefits of running First Pass?

First Pass helps growers more use their equipment more efficiently. We help save the grower real money by reducing fuel, inputs (such as seed and fertilizer), wear and tear on the machines and labour costs.

The most important thing we save you is time – the one thing you can’t buy. By reducing the number of passes in each field and streamlining much of the organization around running multiple machines in the same field together, you’re able to get more done in the same amount of time. After operating across almost 3 million acres with a variety of operators and field types, we found that EACH machine adds and average of 2 passes in EACH field. We have received feedback from some of our growers using First Pass that their machine production has increased 10%-15% compared to the same machines without First Pass. This all adds up to getting more done in tight timing windows or having capacity to expand your operation without additional equipment ..

My GPS already does this so will there be any savings to me?

Many GPS systems contain a guidance line feature. However, they do not provide OPTIMIZED guidance lines and many do not sync across all of your machines in the field at the same time. Our proprietary process and algorithms provide a better set of guidance lines that you can then input into your GPS to get the best of your equipment’s features and the best of First Pass. We don’t replace your GPS, First Pass makes your GPS better.

You talk about improving sustainability of farming, how does First Pass do this?

The promotion of sustainable farming is core to who we are at First Pass. Our product helps this by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from fuel consumption, fertilizer application and soil disturbance, simply by driving less. In addition, fewer passes means less soil compaction which in turn means better crops.

Does First Pass work with all types of equipment?

First Pass can work with a wide variety of equipment brands and GPS systems. Today, First Pass is well integrated into the John Deere operating system and many operators of John Deere equipment speak to how easy First Pass is to use on their JD equipment. We are working hard to integrate First Pass across all equipment brands with the same ease of use as enjoyed by John Deere operators. In the meantime, First Pass can be used with your equipment using manual input of very precise GPS coordinates or loading files with USB drives.

How do you measure the savings?

We look at specific historical data from your farm and evaluate the difference in machinery movements prior to using First Pass and then with First Pass, which allows us to calculate the real savings for your farm. No guessing, real measurements that show you real savings.

Do you work with any manufacturers GPS Systems?

Yes. Our guidance packages can be used with any newer GPS system that lets you input starting coordinates or download pre-planned guidance maps. Some systems are more streamlined in this process, such as RTK or SF3, and we continue to add additional integration functionality each month to ensure as seamless an experience as possible.

How easy is this to integrate on my farm?

Integrating First Pass into your operation is seamless. From an operator’s perspective, you will see virtually no difference in how you utilize your GPS assisted steering systems that prior to First Pass. Because our optimized guidance packages are inputted into your existing GPS system, your ease of use should be the same as using randomly selected AB lines.

I’ve been farming in that field for 30 years, how could you do it better?

You’re right, you have a lot of experience and knowledge about your operation and each field. Over that 30 years, a lot has changed from the equipment you’re using to the crops you’re growing. We use the technology you’ve adopted to improve on what you’re already doing using the guidance hardware you already have. We don’t tell you how to farm a field, you already know that better than us, but we fine tune your routes. You prefer to go north-south or at a certain angle, we’ll optimize with those parameters in mind. What we have found with millions of acres of data is that each machine is still adding approximately two unnecessary passes in each field.

Does First Pass work if I have different sized equipment in the field at the same time?

We will look at the nuances of a field and look for the best way to use different widths of equipment. Sometimes it is sending smaller pieces to cover odd shaped edges or around obstacles while larger pieces get to work in the open spaces. We have also optimized different fields for different widths as sometimes the best option is to split these smaller pieces and have them working in different fields to get the greatest results.

How do the lines adjust for a change in the number of machines in the field because of a breakdown or adding another?

The guidance packages generated by First Pass are fully optimized.  As a result, it doesn’t matter if you have 1 machine or 10 in the field for the whole time or part of the time.  With First Pass, you know that if those machines are using First Pass lines, they’ll be on the right line. As long as your operating equipment widths don’t change, there is no need to change your lines.

How should I deal with my grain carts during harvest with my combines using First Pass?

Different growers manage their harvest equipment fleets in different ways.  Often the size and shapes of fields will dictate where you need your supporting equipment positioned.  The feedback we have received from customers is that they found the best way was to send the harvesters part way into the field using First Pass lines and then have them turn back part way through the field and follow another set of First Pass lines back.  This creates a “horseshoe” in the middle but also ensures the combines are always using and getting the benefit of the optimized First Pass lines. The carts can then operate in the “horseshoe” until more room is opened up by the harvesters for the supporting equipment to work within.

Coutts Agro Case Study

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