Empowering the digital
transformation of agriculture.

Who we are

First Pass is farmer-first, and farmer-driven.

We are entrepreneurs, rocket scientists, programmers, farmers, data scientists and deal-makers whose mission is to fundamentally reshape how we produce food by using technology, data and artificial intelligence to drive profitability and sustainability in precision agriculture. With a firm foundation in technology solutions and deep roots in agriculture, we believe in simple solutions that help our neighbours produce more.

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Meet the First Pass Executive team

Ryan Johnson

President & CEO


Chief Operating Officer

Wilson Acton

Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs

Matt Mendes

Chief Financial Officer


Nudrat Majid

The best part of working for First Pass is the friendly and brilliant people that have a shared dedication to introducing modern and advanced technology to the world of agriculture. Our executives are always approachable, support excellent work-life balance, and to top it off, we share a beautiful and open office space!

Nudrat Majid

Karla Ginter

First Pass is growing and changing all of the time and there is never a dull moment. Our team is extremely knowledgeable and focused on growth, with a lot of fun. I look forward to coming to work each day knowing that each member of the team is listened to and valued. First Pass is more than just a company or a job for me - it’s a business that I believe in and I’m thankful for the support I have been given here to grow my career.

Karla Ginter

Keegan Osler,

First Pass is a truly exciting project that pushes the limits of agriculture technology and allows us as developers to challenge our strengths and knowledgebase. It’s invigorating, educational and fun to be working on something that has the ability to impact a global industry. This project has brought many very talented people together and I am very excited for the future here.

Keegan Osler