The first product we’re offering to farmers is what we consider the next most natural and logical step to creating value on the farm: First Pass Route Optimization. With First Pass we’re able to offer growers the opportunity to reduce their in-field miles and costs by over 5%, which results in a reduction in fuel, equipment and labor expenses. First Pass is a product that solves a universal need in every field.

We’ve Been in Agriculture Since Day One

Whipcord’s early start empowering the digital transformation of agriculture was through satellite imagery, utilizing our data centre and cloud product set. Our unique position in agriculture lies within our technological roots; we built and monetized the world’s 3rd largest optical remote sensing company, while creating the fastest growing imagery platform for agriculture worldwide. We have continued to evolve with the agtech industry, moving away from satellite imagery and towards route optimization. Today, Whipcord still operates a Tier 3 Designed Data Centre, which we now use to power our products, like First Pass, direct to the farm.

Your Farm’s Logistics Operating System

First Pass offers multiple benefits to farms: think of First Pass as the operating system for your field; while it doesn’t replace your tacit field knowledge, it does transfer the basic necessary knowledge to all the operators in your field. When that happens, it brings everyone to the same skill level and allows field operations to be managed with ease and certainty.

In addition to being able to manage your field with more certainty, First Pass also reduces the number of passes you make in the field, which in turn reduces costs and increases profits. We do this by placing the guidance line in the most optimal position, rather than through traditional “trial and error” methods.

Ease of Use and Integration

Traditionally when an operator enters a field, there’s a rough guesstimate to where to place your guidance line, with the goal to have as many full passes as possible. In the end, a miscalculation results in the all too common 5-foot pass to finish a field with a 40’ header (for example). With First Pass, that doesn’t happen; our lines are precise, truly representing Precision Agriculture.

Farming is a long-term game and we look to form strong partnerships with our neighbors by creating value year after year with this product, and the many improvements that follow. Want to get started? Contact us today for a no obligation cost savings estimate!

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